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Playerless - JAVA Streaming Video technologies For the WEB

Another possiblity is the SUN Java Media Framework API (JMF) Although this seems to require an additional JAVA Plug in that extends the default java that comes with the browsers.

QuickTime for Java is just a JNI wrapper around regular QuickTime. Notice how QT4J is only for Mac and Windows. JMF can read some QuickTime files, though

a little more about Dilate here Playerless streaming in Java

media frame Was listed on / but both sites are owned by the same guy in England. Java Streaming Protocol support

JAVA Streaming Video technologies For the Cell Phones

About the Mobile Phone support, there is the 3GPP standard, and many phone have built in native support now, I can't believe a Java player would be able to provide the as good of a result at a native player. See OverCell for more info.

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