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Save Star Trek Enterprise

Using existing IPTV & VOD technology commercial based TV content can be distributed at much lower cost then broadcast TV.

I propose using P2P technology such at Bittorrent, FreeNet or Konspire[2b] to distribute DRM protected video files containing commercial TV programming. Viewers could be tracked and the audiances behavior monitored passivly while not bearing the cost of bandwidth and infrastructure.

I believe given a show like StarTrek there would be enough demand and revenue to pay the production costs of new episodes and quite possible increase profits over the old Broadcast TV model.

In addition this P2P TV system could be incorperated into existing set top boxes such as TiVo or some new box that allow your couch potato channel surfing just as cable tv does now.

See my article Exploding TV 10/2004
I also explain this in my Slashdot posts below

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More On Save Enterprise Donations  3/2 today announced that three anonymous contributors from the commercial spaceflight industry have stepped forward with a $3 million pledge toward the campaign to ensure a fifth season for the recently cancelled Star Trek: Enterprise. The benefactors explained why they believe this campaign deserves such a substantial contribution: 'We think Star Trek and especially its latest incarnation, Enterprise is the kind of TV that should be aired more often. The people responsible at Paramount think this is just a show and we want to tell them, it is not. We are in the commercial space flight industry and would like to testify that at least one out of two of all the actual entrepreneurs involved in this industry has been inspired by Star Trek; and we are not only good at watching TV sci-fi , we are also good at writing checks, big checks. The people airing this kind of TV have a responsibility; inspiration.' " We reported on this a few days ago, but this is more info about the largest donors.

TrekUnited Reports Mission Successful at Trek Rallies  2/27 has the scoop on the LA/Paramount, Tel Aviv, and New York rallies. Surprises include a group of donors pledging a resounding $3mil and the appearances of cast and crew members. Reuters and Wired have details on the rallies and I took a few snapshots as well.

Straczynski Offers To Re-Boot Star Trek [updated] 2/16
"I just came across this thread over on usenet where J. Michael Straczynski, creator of Babylon 5 and Jeremiah, talks about the cancellation of Enterprise. It seems he and a collaborator have already written a series bible and treatment for a new version of Star Trek - but it's not been pitched to Paramount out of 'political considerations' (Berman refusing to give up his dead horse?). JMS calls for everyone who thinks a JMS-run Star Trek series would be a good idea to write Paramount and let them know." Along similar lines, yonnage writes "Last week there was an article posted here about Enterprise fans atempting to pay for the next season of Enterprise. It seems that all the efforts have been pulled together and a new website has been created and has started collecting contributions for Enterprise's next season." Update: 02/16 19:47 GMT by T: Read the rest of the thread to see JMS's followup; he's decided to at least postpone this endeavor.

CNN - Trekkies fight end of 'Enterprise'
LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- Trekkies are uniting to win a reprieve for "Star Trek: Enterprise," slated to end its mission on UPN in May.

A rally is planned for February 25 outside the Paramount lot in Los Angeles,

Enterprise Fans Buy Full-Page Ad In LA Times  2/12
" reports that fans of Star Trek Enterprise have succeeded in placing a full-page ad in the LA Times. The ad will urge someone to pick up the show for a fifth season. According to the official fan site, a Star Trek Enterprise fan working for the LA Times has arranged a special deal for a discounted ad. Donations collected to date have covered the cost of the ad which will be located in the "A" section of the paper on Feb. 21."


Star Trek History.

Fans Attempting to Pay for Enterprise
On February 8th, 2005 with 816 comments
An anonymous reader writes "What started of as a suggestion to pay for season 5 of Enterprise has actually snowballed into a project that no one has ever...

UPN Officially Cancels 'Star Trek: Enterprise'
On February 2nd, 2005 with 884 comments
Tycoon Guy writes "It's official now: UPN has decided to cancel 'Enterprise.' The shot's series finale, which may feature Jonathan Frakes (William T. Riker)...

Could TNG Stunt Casting Save 'Enterprise'?
On January 25th, 2005 with 785 comments
Tycoon Guy writes "It seems Star Trek: Enterprise isn't about to go down without a fight. TrekToday is reporting that Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis will...

'Star Trek: Enterprise' Canceled?
On January 18th, 2005 with 842 comments
Tycoon Guy writes "There seems to be no avoiding it this season: TrekToday is reporting that the Enterprise production crew has been told they will all be...

My Slashdot post on this subject

Bit-Torrent - should be Enterprises savior. (Score:2)
by John Sokol (109591) on Tuesday February 08, @05:41PM (#11612140)
( | Last Journal: Saturday December 04, @12:44PM)
The cost of Bit Torrent distribution is orders of magnitude lower cost per viewer then TV. htm []

Adds can still be viewed and would pay for production costs. Better tracking of viewers could be done as well as better targeted advertising .

Where Can I find and contact these groups trying to save the show?
I request again,Lets move the show to the Internet (Score:2)
by John Sokol (109591) on Wednesday February 02, @09:13PM (#11558028)
( | Last Journal: Saturday December 04, @12:44PM)
I would like to make a p2p distribution system with paid advertising to allow the show to continue over the Internet. Viewed and payed for by Internet viewers.

  If Anyone is interested in this and would like start some sort of organization to do this please let me know. I have the tech part all worked out...

  John L. Sokol
Interesting idea may apply here. (Score:2)
by John Sokol (109591) on Tuesday January 18, @02:42PM (#11398999)
( | Last Journal: Saturday December 04, @12:44PM)
I run and several people have run past the idea of streaming, set-top box or p2p distribution of TV shows with sponsor paid advertising as a possible model to resume filming of a high budget TV show. There would be no air-time fees and with things like bit torrent, viewers could be counted and demographics generated.

If UPN were to get push to do such an option fans could continue to watch and generate revenue for contuning the series just without the Cable/Broadcast and over the Internet.

I think something like Star Trek would be a prime candidate for such a high tech move.

If anyone would like to see if we can actually make something like this happen drop me an E-mail or a line in my chat room on []